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Human Resources Management System

A brand new set of standards and requirements that enable companies to certify the value they place on their employees, identify areas that are open to improvement, and retain existing employees and recruit new and competent personnel to their businesses.

Employee First is also a tough challenge.

Purpose of the Standard

It is to examine the functions of the Human Resources Management System specified in the scope and to determine the minimum indicators that will increase its effect.

The standard recognizes that companies have their own rules and performance indicators and aims to control the accuracy, fairness and impact of these systems on employees.

Scope of the Standard

The standard examines eight elements of the Human Resources Management System.

  • Human resources strategy planning
  • Recruitment and dismissal management
  • Training and development
  • Performance management
  • Remuneration and fringe benefits
  • Personnel and compliance with local laws
  • Orientation management
  • Discrimination and forced labor


  • To make the company more attractive for new employees and to increase the acquisition of competent personnel.
  • Increasing preferability in employee transfer within the sector
  • Minimizing employee loss
  • Effective measurement of employee satisfaction as a result of employee satisfaction survey
  • Effective employee satisfaction surveys and detailed reports according to criteria and features such as demographic structure
  • Increasing brand value and image


Employee First controls have 2 parts.
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey to be administered to employees via the online platform before the audit.
  • Audit through 8-scope question list and one-on-one staff interviews. (Personnel interview is optional.)
HR Metrics & DQS collaboration
  • We think that it will not be enough to check the slogan "We value our employees", which is one of the biggest motivations of companies that want to obtain a certificate, with just a list of questions.
  • So I asked the employees, "Are you happy here?" we should ask.
  • This section requires a different competence. Therefore, in this section, the effectiveness of the surveys is maximized with the support of the experience and competence of HR Metrics' expert team. Thanks to these survey results, we also get the chance to identify improvement potentials and weak points in the organization.
  • As HR Metrics, we support our valuable business partner DQS with Human Resources experts, organizational psychologists and IT team for this project.
  • DQS carries out Employee First Stage 2 audits with over 35 years of management systems and audit experience.
  • The DQS auditor and technical expert team working within the scope of the project prepared a list of 200 questions in 8 different contexts to be supported by personnel interviews.
  • With this method, organizations will be able to be examined with the professional approach and control logic brought by quality management systems.
  • A special technical committee was formed to make the question lists more reliable and acceptable to all sectors.
  • Human resources managers and academics who are experts in their fields took part in this technical committee.
  • The created question lists were sent to the technical committee for review, and positive/negative feedback was collected for each item.
  • Negative feedbacks were examined, the question lists were updated in line with the relevant comments and were finalized with the approval of the entire technical committee.
  • Ebru Veysel | Mercedes Benz Türk / HR Workforce Management Group Manager
  • Cansın Duman | Ikaros & Partners / Co-Founder
  • Melda Çapan | Pimsa Automotive / Regional Human Resources Manager (U.K.)
  • Tuğçe Kaya Balaman | Human Resources Professional Association / Secretary General
  • Nevin Aksoy | Aksan Kozmetik / Human Resources Director and Executive Board Member
  • Assoc. Dr. Osman Kürşat Acar | Süleyman Demirel University. / Head of Humanitarian Management Department
  • Özgür Küllük | Doluca / Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Manager
  • Assoc. Dr. Pelin Vardarlıer | Istanbul Medipol University. / Head of Human Resources Management
  • Süreyya Kardelen Yarlı | Yarli & Koç / Lawyer Conciliator
  • Tude Bozüyük | TLS Lojistik / Human Resources Manager
  • Alper Girgin | Human Resources Manager
  • Sinan Gürüç | Gedik Piliç / Factory Manager
After employee satisfaction surveys, audits and personnel interviews, companies will be certified at the following levels for 1 year, with a score out of 100.
  • 70 – 84 : Ideal Level
  • 85 – 100 : High Level
  • 85 – 100 (Including Staff Interview) : Excellence Level)

How much does an Employee First certificate cost?

The cost of Employee First certification mainly depends on the effort required by the audit. In addition, factors such as the size of the company, the number of employees, the scope of the audit, the audit team and its duration determine the cost of the certification process.

You can contact us in order to realistically predict the duration of the audit and the relevant requirements.

Why DQS?

  • Experienced auditors around the world
  • Over 35 years of experience in a wide range of industries and specialties
  • Internationally recognized certificates
  • Insights from our auditors that add value to your company
  • Opportunity to explore improvement and potential by leveraging the know-how of leading experts
  • Personal, seamless customer support from DQS experts - regional, national and international
  • Unique offers with flexible contract periods without hidden costs

* Employee First is implemented as part of the DQS & HR Metrics collaboration.