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neuroCS Test

WHAT IS neuroCS?

neuroCS; With its field staff focus, it measures the different competencies and tendencies of your candidates and employees such as attention & concentration, mental flexibility, creativity, problem solving and learning potential. It is called mental thinking, problem solving and decision making test. With neuroCS, you can analyze the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of your field personnel or candidates with a detailed report.
WHY neuroCS?
You can evaluate your employees or candidates in a simplified and easy-to-understand system with neuroCS, which focuses on field personnel by identifying blue-collar personnel, who form the basis of the wheels of companies, as a niche area.
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WHY neuroCS?
It provides important data on how well your candidates pay attention to their duties and responsibilities and how well they can adapt to changing conditions, thanks to their problem-solving strategies, their ability to change strategies, and their ability to predict areas of mental flexibility. You can observe their ability to act and their situational learning potential by trial and error method or according to the feedback received.
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WHY neuroCS?
neuroCS will enable you to determine the actions your employees can take against the situations they may encounter in their work environment and the efficiency they can add to their workplaces.
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Attention and Concentration

Attention and concentration dimension; It includes the ability to concentrate on a specific task without being affected by internal or external stimuli in situations where one has to perform.

Mental Flexibility

Mental flexibility dimension; It covers the individual's ability to adapt to changing conditions and job demands in an unforeseen situation, to realize different alternatives and to change behavior flexibly.


Creativity dimension; It includes the ability to come up with new and unconventional solutions to one's duties and responsibilities with a productive approach.

Problem Solving

Problem solving dimension; It includes defining a problem, determining the cause of the problem, identifying alternatives for the solution, and applying the solution.

Learning Potential

Learning potential dimension; It includes learning skills with the help of trial and error method and positive/negative feedback received.